INTERCEPT CU22 Wearer: 5 Observations

INTERCEPT CU22 Mask and Filter Protection at the Post Office

After wearing the INTERCEPT CU22 Mask and Filter for a couple of months, I'd like to share my observations with you: 

   1. My fear of hurting others

One of the worst feelings I can think of is the prospect of hurting others, particularly those closest to me, but really, anyone.  With this crazy virus, one may be asymptomatic, but still carry the virus and infect others. However, when wearing the INTERCEPT CU22 Mask with the copper filter in front of my mouth and nose, I know that won’t happen. INTERCEPT CU22 copper kill viruses and bacteria through contact. (JIS Z 2801 and ISO 18184) That is what copper does and it’s a burden lifted from me. To be free from that fear is quite a relief.


  1. Feeling Safe

A major benefit of the INTERCEPT CU22 Mask copper filter is that I will not be contaminated by others. The copper filter kills outgoing and incoming germs. Now my associations are more encouraging, less stressful. I am not resigned to the status of recluse. I’m able to maintain necessary meetings, both business and personal, and feel part of the world, and safe.


  1. Continuous Improvement Engineering

Consider this: good engineering principles require seeking continuous improvement. Many times that means elimination of risks and narrowing in on certainties. When wearing the INTERCEPT CU22 mask system, the contamination potential with breath transference is canceled out, now I need only to be concerned with hand contamination. I can be around people with no negative impact, just no handshaking! I can feel more trusting around others. My freedom is back!


  1. Practical Styling

Initially, I was not convinced of the tie-back mask styling, standard with the stock INTERCEPT CU22 mask kit.  After having worn it multiple times, I understand why the medical community, wearing masks for an entire 12-hour work shift, for days in a row, prefers the tie backs to ear loops. They are indeed more comfortable and allow the mask to conform to the face much more readily.


  1. Oxygen Deprivation Leads to Headaches with other Masks

I did a timed, self-monitored, comfort study on what it felt like wearing the disposable blue/white disposable mask and then was able to compare when using the INTERCEPTCU22 mask system. In short, the disposable blue mask is very uncomfortable in a very short period of time, where I just wanted to tear it off. My chin felt itchy immediately and the urge to reach under my mask and scratch overwhelming.

The larger concern was a headache developing after about 45 minutes while wearing a disposable mask. If air flow is restricted by mask materials, oxygen deprivation can cause headaches, in my experience.  Because the INTERCEPTCU22 mask system has a copper filter to kill bacteria and viruses, highly breathable materials keep the air flow normal and healthy. (DIN 14683 tested).

I think of this mask now as an essential part of my wardrobe. When going out, I place my mask on as I do my coat and hat. I have the straps perfectly lengthened to be comfortable in the down position, and easy to pull up in the “in-use” position. When in the down position, such as when driving or simply not around others, the mask covers my neck which is great in the cold weather, but most times, I don’t even notice I’m wearing it.

All my best, Joe

Joe wearing INTERCEPT CU22 Mask